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Interview Ying McGuire, the Senior Manager of Global Supplier Diversity, Dell Inc

Ying McGuire
Senior Manager of Global Supplier Diversity, Dell Inc.

Q1: What are the incentives for Dell to transform supplier diversity from a US initiative into a global strategy?

As a global company, Dell team always look for different ways to support business growth in countries where we have operations and customers. Through providing equal access to procurement opportunities for underutilized communities and promoting supplier diversity models as a way to grow economic opportunities overseas, we will not only help to drive economic growth abroad, we ignite a growth engine for diverse businesses in US that have a desire to expand overseas to mirror our global sourcing strategy. In other words, our diverse suppliers who have done well domestically will have even more opportunities by working with us to take their business global. I believe we will see dividends and success as a result of this global strategy.

Q2: Why China? What motivates you to facilitate the creation of a supplier diversity program in China? What value will your effort bring to Dell?

China is our of our fastest growing market. China is a multi-ethnic country including 55 ethnic minority groups that make up ~10% of China population but occupy 64 percent of total land area where regional economy lags behind. The Chinese government and global organizations such as the World Bank have been exploring various ways to promote economic development among ethnic minorities and reduce social and economic gaps. However, closing the economic gap takes the entire village. Dell led NMSDC China Committee helped create a national minority supplier development program China in partnership with AKPRO for the purpose of promoting economic benefits to minority suppliers in both China and US, as well as to NMSDC corporate members. This will be the first nationally structured corporate effort to drive economic development of minority regions through providing equal access to corporate procurement opportunities. This effort made a historical mark and Dell is proud of being a part of this effort. We believe our ability to grow our share in the China market depends on our commitment and investments in the communities. Investing in the development of minority suppliers in China will result in the positive branding for Dell. As a native Chinese, personally I am privileged to help incubate this historical effort that will bring the lasting value to my native country. I would like to invite all corporations to join us and become a part of this history making process.

Q3: What are the focuses areas for MSD China in 2009 considering it is a newly formed organization?

Supplier Diversity is a brand new concept in China. MSD China needs to raise awareness among government agencies, global corporations that have operational presence in China, as well as Chinese corporations, on the importance of integrating supplier diversity models into their procurement practice to drive economic development of underutilized communities. In addition, localizing the NMSDC best practices to fit the local culture and environment will be the key to success.

Ying McGuire, honored as “America’s Top Diversity Advocates” for 2009, the United States’ leading multicultural business website, announced the honorees for “America’s Top Diversity Advocates” for 2009. Ying McGuire of Dell and Esther Silver-Parker of Wal-Mart were added to this years Hall of Fame List. This distinguished group of individuals was recognized for their outstanding achievements in various diversity initiatives. Previous honorees have included such names as former U.S. presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter who, collectively, have been champions of inclusion for many decades.

The “Top Diversity Advocates” represent individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to solutions in diversity issues on a global and national level. The honorees have made a significant impact on diversity issues in employment, procurement, housing and education. These “soft” sell champions have not waved a diversity flag but have quietly made a difference in the lives of people by positively impacting their lives, and improving the economic conditions for their families and communities.

Under Ying’s leadership, Dell achieved several key milestones in 2008:

☆ Dell spent $2.5B with small, minority and woman owned businesses
☆ Became a member of the Billion Dollar Round Table (The Billion Dollar Roundtable was created in 2001 to recognize and celebrate corporations that achieved  spending of at least $1 billion with minority and woman-owned suppliers. Only 15 US corporations are accepted to be the BDR member)
☆ Woman Business Enterprise National Council named Dell as a top corporation for woman business in US
☆ Transformed supplier diversity from a domestic initiatives into a global strategy: coach US minority business going global, chaired the NMSDC China Committee and help the creation of the historical MSD China 

About the author

Ying McGuire leads the Global Supplier Diversity team at Dell Inc. In this role, she is responsible for driving $2.5 billion spend with diverse suppliers. The past two years, Ying led the Dell team and transformed its supplier diversity from a domestic initiative to a global strategy.

Ying has over a decade of global leadership experience, both as a woman, minority business owner, and as a corporate America marketing and procurement professional. Her 9 year tenure with Dell has included a variety of leadership roles, most recently partnering with senior executives to help drive company wide strategic initiatives. Ying also holds a variety of community leadership roles.  She is a vice chair of the Texas Asian Chamber of Commerce and a member of the board of directors of the Southwest Minority Supplier Development Council. She is a global committee member of Woman Business Enterprise National Council, an Internal Committee member of National Minority Supplier Development Council, a board member of the Billion Dollar Round Table, and an honorary committee member of the national MEDWEEK. She is instrumental in establishing Minority Supplier Development China, the first national supplier diversity organization in China. Recently, named Ying as an America’s Top Diversity Advocate. Previous honorees have included such names as former U.S. presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter.  DiversityPlus Magazine names Ying as a 2008 Champion of Diversity. 

Ms. McGuire was born and raised in China and received a Bachelor’s degree from Nankai University in Tianjin, China. She immigrated to the U.S. and received a Masters’ degree in Business Administration of International Management from Thunderbird, the Garvin Graduate School of International Management in Phoenix.