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What Our Members Say

What Our Members Say


David Brown

Vice President Global Fulfillment & Logistics
Dell Inc.

"Dell always looks for innovative ways to support business growth in countries where we have operations and customers and China is one of our fastest growing markets. I am proud of chairing the NMSDC China Committee and spearheading the historical effort of creating China’s first national supplier diversity program. Through our partnership with NMSDC and MSD China we hope to help drive economic gains in the Chinese minority community and ignite a growth engine for U.S. minority-owned firms that want to grow overseas. I invited NMSDC corporate members to join us and become a part of the history making process. ”



Ying McGuire

Senior Manager of Global Supplier Diversity
Dell Inc.

"This past year, we transformed supplier diversity from a domestic initiative into a global strategy at Dell to empower diverse business entrepreneurs at home and overseas to accomplish their goals. My background as an entrepreneur and a native Chinese drives my enthusiasm to help create MSD China and to drive economic development of minority regions and contribute to economic gap closure in China. This effort will create lasting value for the corporations involved by positioning them as the social responsibility leaders, building brand affinity, and allowing them to have the accelerated growth in the largest emerging market in the world.”



Nan Lawson

Supplier Diversity Manager
Motorola, Inc.
"Motorola is pleased to be a founding co-sponsor of MSD-China.  The work that MSD-China will do in helping and certifying ethnic minority-owned Chinese companies will be very important to many stakeholders, including multi-national corporations, as minority supplier development is expanded into China.  This is a significant milestone for supplier diversity.”

Denise Coley

Global Supplier Diversity Business Development
Cisco Systems. Inc.

"Cisco is extremely honored and privileged to be a founder and sponsor of MSD China. The utilization of diverse suppliers creates economic vitality in the communities in which we work,  live, play and learn."



Susan Martinez                                                   

Corporate Supplier Development & Diversity Manager
Intel Corporation
"Intel is pleased to support MSD China's strategic role in bridging China minority supplier diversity with the world wide supply chain and corporations. As a global company operation in 48 nations, we reconize the importance of working with a supply chain that represents and knows our many local markets."


Michael Robinson   
Program Director, Global Supplier Diversity Integrated Supply Chain
IBM Corporation
"IBM has a heritage of Supplier Diversity dating back to 1968 and it was in 2003 that our Supplier Diversity program was expanded globally. We understand that Supplier Diversity should not be a unique American phenomenon because there are diverse constituencies that have been left out of the economic mainstream worldwide. If a supplier has a product/service that we procure and can provide value-add within IBM's Supply Chain, we want to utilize them regardless of sex, ethnicity, race, creed, color, etc. The key point is finding those suppliers who are innovative, responsive, with the technological infrastructure who can become our partners. To this effort we salute the NMSDC and MSD-China for assisting us in identifying ethnic minority suppliers in the important Chinese marketplace."

Johnnie Booker

Director of Supplier Diversity
The Coca-Cola Company
"The Coca-Cola Company is proud to be a founding member of MSD China. We recognize that China is a very important market and an expanding sourcing base for global corporations. We applaud NMSDC's efforts to encourage major corporations to diversify their supply chain in China. MSD China will be instrumental in making that a reality." 

James Wigfall

Vice President, SSG Supplier Management
Boeing Shared Services Group
The Boeing Company
"China is one of Boeing’s largest and fastest-growing markets and a long-standing business partner with us. In China, as in other markets where we do business, Boeing takes a strong interest in encouraging the widest possible participation in economic development opportunities. MSD China and the NMSDC are important partners for Boeing as we seek suppliers of all sizes that can bring us innovative products and services to enhance our business. That broad and inclusive supply base offers a more diverse range of talents and skills to help build and sustain innovation. In doing so, it creates broader prosperity that is enjoyed throughout the larger community. Boeing’s success is ultimately built on vibrant and prosperous communities and the diverse mixture of large and small businesses that sustain them. We cannot afford to leave any group behind."



Henry Hong                                                   

VP-Business Development
ITT Corporation

"An imperative for ITT Corporation is to engage with ethical, process-oriented, globally diverse suppliers as full partners that enable the company to provide superior value to our customers and strengthen our competitive advantage in all the regions of the world in which we provide products and services. We want our diverse suppliers/partners to reflect our core values of respect, responsibility and integrity; and, to demonstrate through their behaviors that our customers are central to everything they/we do. NMSDC and MSD China provided a great platform for us to contribute, we are honored to be a charter member."



Jack Xu  

Logistics Director
Tianjin Tasly Group Co., Ltd.

"Tasly Group is very proud to be part of the great initiative of MSD in China, along with so many top enterprises in the world. Tasly itself has been a beneficiary of the concept of diversity. We purchase many herbs as raw materials from multiple ethnic groups across various regions in China. Tasly is indeed very excited about being the first Chinese company to join MSD. We fully realize that there are much for us to learn, especially in thoroughly understanding the scope of MSD and leading practice. We are also happy to be part of this big family and looking forward to meeting many new friends." 



Jackie La Joie

Associate Director, Supplier Diversity
Merck & Co., Inc.

“Our company recognized many years ago that diversity brings a clear competitive advantage; it not only makes good business sense, it helps us sustain our momentum and allows us to continue to grow as a company. Part of our overall diversity strategy is our commitment to the inclusion of minority-owned businesses. These providers of goods and services are key to our success in the marketplace and our commitment to inclusion is a business imperative. Merck is an active national member of National Minority Supplier Development Council in the U.S. and in the past 2 years we have expanded our Supplier Diversity program to include the U.K. and Canada.   Most recently we became a proud member of Minority Supplier Development – China and join with them in their endeavor to create a platform for communications and business exchange between minority suppliers and corporations.  We believe this is a unique opportunity to partner with an organization to increase minority business development and create wealth and economic health in underutilized business communities. We would like to thank Minority Supplier Development – China and the National Minority Supplier Development Council for the opportunity to participate in this historical event and look forward to a successful future.”



Maurice Webb 

Supplier Diversity Manager
Apple Corporate Procurement,
Apple Inc.

"Apple's Supplier Diversity Program began in 1988. Since that time the company has continued growing and supporting the long list of suppliers who participate. I commend MSD China for their work in identifying and certifying ethnic minority-owned businesses in China, and NMSDC for their vision to take supplier diversity global." 



José Nido

Vice President, Global Supplier Diversity
Strategic Sourcing
Wyndham Worldwide Corporation

"Supplier Diversity is an integral part of Wyndham Worldwide’s culture and a vital element to our success.  Diverse suppliers strengthen our company by generating new ideas and opportunities and our partnerships with them strengthen our economy and the communities in which we live and operate. As a global company, we continue to strengthen our supplier base with world class suppliers who can satisfy our worldwide needs. With a continually growing presence in China, it makes sense for Wyndham Worldwide to consider minority-owned suppliers in China as we continue to make clear progress in diversifying our supplier base."